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Jayne Nixon

Student Physiotherapist | APPI Pilates Instructor

Jayne Nixon

Student Physiotherapist | APPI Pilates Instructor

From a young age, Jayne has had a passion for movement and dance: training as a professional dancer and performing throughout Europe in musical theatre stage productions. This led to her opening her own dance company in 2004.

The business naturally developed into the health and fitness industry and Jayne’s curiosity towards the body and its functions led her to train as a Personal trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sport Massage Therapist.

Throughout her career, she has been proactive in encouraging preventative pre-habilitation for her clients, often referring them to physiotherapists to educate and guide their training programme. This is what initially led her to train in mat Pilates and subsequently prop Pilates.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, her business closed down, and Jayne took the business online delivering one-to-one and group Pilates classes. She took the opportunity and completed 3 A levels allowing her to return to education embarking on a degree in Physiotherapy at The University of Sunderland.

During the course of her degree, Jayne has found a particular interest in neurology. Most recently, she worked with patients with complex brain and spinal conditions within the regional disability team at Walkergate Park Hospital.

Teaching Pilates allows Jayne to share her enthusiasm for its benefits and her passion for investing in health, well-being and self-care.

In her spare time, Jayne enjoys the outdoors in particular gardening and beach walks. She trains most days and ensures she attends regular yoga classes.

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