Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Screening

James has combined his passion for Golf and Physio by becoming Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified. The TPI course is taught by two of the world’s leading golf experts who, over the past 20 years, have researched and implemented their knowledge and skills with the top PGA professionals, coaching staff and medical teams.

As TPI certified, James is able to carry out a full-body screen to help golfers of all abilities identify physical restrictions that may be affecting the efficiency of their swing.

The information from the Titleist Performance Institute screen can then be used to tailor a personal training programme to help you achieve and manage the most efficient golf swing for you. This gives you the opportunity to not only improve your performance but also the ability to prolong your golf career with less pain.

The screening allows James to highlight some of the key physical limitations that are the number one contributor to lower back pain. As he says: “The body is a complex structure and is able to compensate very well to accommodate pain. Problems often arise after the pain has gone. Dysfunctional muscle patterns (muscles performing jobs they are not designed to do so) directly affect the integrity of the joints they support and this can lead to problems further down the line”.

James is already working to complete his Level 2 Medical Qualification and further his training as a TPI practitioner. Once qualified, he will then work in partnership with local Golf Professionals to help tailor programmes for the golfers they coach – something encouraged and endorsed by the Titleist Performance Institute team.

Our prices for TPI Golf Screening can be seen below or if you want to know more then please give us a call.

TPI golf screening

TPI Golf Screening (80 mins) (email analysis & initial exercise programme)
Cost £99
Birdie Package (x3 follow up sessions @ 5% discount)
Cost £140 (£46.66 per session) 
Eagle Package (x6 follow up sessions @ 10% discount)
Cost £265 (£44.15 per session)
Albatross Package (x9 follow up sessions @15% discount)
Cost £375 (£41.66 per session)
Individual follow up sessions
Cost £49
All follow up sessions 40 mins

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